Please comment if you would like to be added and let me know a little about you!

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Hi Jori! I friended you mainly because of your fanfics... they're absolutely brilliant. My name is also Jori :) which I think is fun since there aren't that many Joris around. Anyway, I would love to get to know you better so hopefully you'll friend me back

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Cool! Another Jori! I actually go to church with a 'one of us' and we joke about it all the time. What's the chance of two of us being in the same building of 65 people? It amuses us. How did you get your name? I was named after a newscaster in Chicago back ages ago. :)

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I just saw your reply.. sorry it's so late. My parents wanted to name me after my great great grandfather who's name was Issac and in Hebrew I and J are the same letter. My mom heard of another Jori and really liked it :)


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